All Change Please!

I’ve not had a chance to blog recently because I’ve just changed roles to become the CIO of Aviva Ireland and I’m loving it.

I actually decided to re-join financial services, after a 10 year hiatus, in order to get embroiled in FinTech and the rise of InsurTech so that I can help a very traditional company avoid being disrupted by new entrants. Part of the role addresses partnering with the start-up and innovation communities here in Dublin but it’s also about becoming more digital ourselves.

Of course, coming from a E-commerce background and being given the CEO backing to deliver a Digital Program for Ireland is a great thing but doing it in a within a 300 year old business will all be about the culture and process challenges.

However, when one joins a new Company you need to focus all your time and energy on understanding the business challenges, getting a deeper insight into the context, establishing a new network of colleagues and gaining their trust by quickly demonstrating your ability. So that’s what I’ve been up to these last 12 weeks.

My intention is to implement my own brand of DevOps and also introduce flow principles (the ultimate in Lean/Agile processes). So far my #NoEstimates and #NoProjects vision is receiving deep scepticism!!

Anyway, I’ll blogging updates as to my progress but my next publication will be on how a new CIO establishes credibility by creating a first cut IT strategy within the first few weeks on the job.

You’ll have to ask my team to see if I’ve achieved that so far 😉

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