12 Steps to Flow – Starting a Movement


My provocative and sometimes controversial position regarding the “death of agile” hasn’t resulted in me being castigated by the agile community. Far from it. Indeed, it’s clear to me that nearly everyone can identify with “being agile, not doing agile” and the need to return to the origins of the agile manifesto. Complex frameworks, an overly jargonised lexicon and a tech-only focus are widely seen as not the way to go.

In fact, at the recent Agile Lean Conference in Ireland, I received fantastic feedback regarding Flow and I really believe that Haydn & I have reinvigorated the world of agile with our minimalist framework for Business Agility. We have emphasised the need to bring Customers and our non-technical colleagues into the cycle, have a relentless focus on the delivery of value and really start to enjoy one’s work via good social interactions.

Our second book 12 Steps to Flow – The New Framework for Business Agility will be released by the end of May, is a companion to the original book. Haydn has a passion for all things Customer and he has shared some wonderful insights around how one can truly embrace Business agility and once again, we use visualisations and provocative thinking in order to shake up many sacred cows. Be that the re-invention of roles such as Product Owners, examining what value seeking behaviours look like and even questioning the whole agility of the C-Suite.

To the last point, during an innovation event which I recently attended in London, the moderator had never heard the term C-Suite; likening it to something that you could buy at Ikea. Believe me, new C-Suites will be installed if Business agility is not universally improved!


Anyway, I truly believe that we have started a movement and we want you to get involved. Be that via personal pivoting and goal development by using some of the ideas in our books or indeed setting up your own Flow group. We are now seeing these spring-up in the USA and Europe as Flow Academies & Flow Circles but also inside companies as Flow Communities. It won’t be long before a number of meetups also get established.

And we would like to help, so please do reach out if you have any questions or need some advice and guidance regarding Flow. In addition, we will soon have a number of materials to draw upon, especially in the skills development arena, More on that soon.

There has never been a better time to shape the world of Business & Technical agility and we encourage you to do so! Exciting times!

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