Announcing Our Next Flow Workshop

We are really pleased to announce our next 1-day workshop, Creating Value With Flow: The Customer In the Agile Enterprise which will be held in Dublin on April 23rd in conjunction with Agile Lean Ireland.

As agile migrates from software delivery to the whole organisation, what are the most important lessons and tools we can learn from successful transformations to help create a truly agile business?  In Flow: A Handbook for Change-Makers; and 12 Steps to Flow, Fin Goulding and Haydn Shaughnessy have set out the basic principles for a better way to work across the whole enterprise. Good Flow begins with knowing how to better manage value in the innovation funnel, key insights into better software delivery management, the use of customer feedback loops to constantly improve work processes, and a new approach to value management.

Many companies experience serious inefficiencies that we can deal with in small steps starting now:

•       Serious project cost overruns and time overruns are commonplace

•       As are a lack of engagement and collaboration from staff

•       Problems with multi-site locations, inefficient offshoring and siloed teams

•       Confusion over new delivery methods like agile, microservices, and DevOps

•       A lack of clarity about customer-centric policies or lip service rather than real action

These problems need resolving quickly within a framework that transforms decision making, culture and even the cost base of business as usual. Flow provides you with an answer to those challenges as well as a broader framework that allows you to transform through:

•       An end-to-end focus on customers and tools for creating more value for them

•       Ensuring we create work of value rather than designing waste into the funnel

•       Creating a good culture for innovation and collaborative work so that decisions can be made in the flow rather than upfront in grand plans

•       The importance of multidisciplinary teams

•       Everyone-as-a-leader

In this masterclass, the authors will provide you with an overview of how Flow principles can be applied in order to create a culture of agility with very specific improvements in performance.

What You Will Learn

The route to transformation is visual, transparent and collaborative. You will learn how to create transparency and mutual accountability through a series of Wall visualisations that help you and your peers have better conversations about how to identify value for customers and how best to go about it creating and delivering it. You will be introduced to new tools that are easy to learn and form a new starting point for better product and service development. The information will be presented in a jargon-free, common sense language that is accessible and easy to adopt, reducing the barriers of language and ceremonies associated with agile frameworks. The masterclass will:

•       Explore the relationship between business agility and work methods, clarifying where real agility is achieved

•       Explore the role of the customer in the agile enterprise and introduce tools for true customer-centricity

•       Describe the end-to-end framework that delivers continuous value through Flow

•       Introduce the principles and tools of a more visual and accountable work environment

•       Explain how to shape work through clearer goal setting at all levels of the organisation

•       Introduce the idea of holistic or “Flow” teams, how to set them up with appropriate skills and autonomy

•       Explain the new role of leaders

•       Explain the importance of a new cadence of work and the value of a 2 day cycle time

•       Introduce examples of the Executive Portfolio Wall for strategy setting and overall value management

•       Describe the Flow delivery model

Flow is an end-to-end framework for delivering value in the modern enterprise. It embraces what’s best in agile thinking, lessons from the SaaS movement, Kanban, lean iterations and lean startup. Its power lies in combining these with a much stronger focus on customers and value.

Fin Goulding

Fin Goulding is a pioneering senior executive who has supported teams in agile transformation as CTO at Paddy Power, International CIO at Aviva, and CTO at He has worked in highly regulated environments such as finance and insurance and understands deeply the constraints and opportunities for senior management as well as how to liberate teams to collaborate. He has also worked in digital startups and some major online businesses. He is the originator of many of the key ideas in Flow particularly around value management, collaboration, new forms of leadership and Flow teams.

Haydn Shaughnessy

Haydn trained as an economist at the London School of Economics and has written widely on innovation, structural economic risk and the need to accelerate innovation throughout western organisations. He has advised some of the largest players in financial infrastructure such as SWIFT, as well as major financial in solutions and global enterprises and joined with Fin three years ago to help spread the word about Flow. He and Fin have worked closely on customer centricity and value management.



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