Game of Teams Podcast

I had the pleasure of joining Tara Nolan and her panel consisting of Sari Van Poelje and Jennifer Britton to discuss how we adjust to the new Covid abnormal. My episode is below but do check out the entire series here:

Introduction: Covid-19 struck like a thunderbolt and has thrown the world upside down. Many are still reeling as we grapple to right side for a new order. All of us have been forced to wake to a new reality, to pause and immediately assume a virtual reality for most of the population. Teams have been beset too. Episode three is an invitation to look at how teams can use this big pause to disrupt our patterns of thinking & working, the use of time and space,  real-estate and technology to innovate and to build structures to support social cohesion through eco-systems.

Podcast episode summary: I spoke with Sari Van Poelje, Jennifer Britton and Fin Goulding. We spoke about what it means to be virtual, how to adjust for a new “abnormal” and the mindset shifts required to remerge

Covid-19 Special Series Ep 3: Mindset & our collective need to adapt in response to Covid-19

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