Humans over Resources

I’m seeing a number of leaders who are now talking about being in back-to-back online meetings for up to 10 hours per day.

But I can’t help thinking that they are making a mistake by trying to find their “remote leadership” purpose by filling up the day with meetings.

I do understand that leaders feel vulnerable (I have been there) but protecting yourself is not the answer.

Also, employees are being “present” all day in order to protect their jobs because they can’t see what the future holds. This generates a mountain of emails.

What’s needed now is for leaders to start cancelling as many meetings as possible and free up time to be connective, persuasive and supportive for all their employees and chart a journey towards a new business model.

Therefore, reflect upon whether those meetings are vital so that you can free up as much time as possible to focus on:

1. HoR: Humans over Resources.

2. FoB: Future of Business

Now is the time for Lighthouse Thinking (TM).

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