Lockdown Books!

Business Sprinting!

We’ve spent some of the lockdown designing and writing our new book Transformation Sprints which is a method we use with clients. Our promise is to show how to fix a troubled transformation in just 4 weeks or indeed start a new one. But we think the idea of sprints can be taken a lot further.

So, I’ve been trying to find a new graphic to show that concept. We are not sure about the rocket but maybe you can help me get this one right?? Any ideas or suggestions?

Sprints work in IT but there should be something we use right across the entire business, for example in innovation. By the way, Haydn Shaughnessy prefers the term value discovery and value discovery sprints which is the next book that we are working on right now. It’s another guidebook as to how we work with our clients.

We also see the opportunity to apply sprint principles to value management (focused on adaptive portfolios of work) but more of that another day.

All of these go into Lighthouse Thinking(TM) and our new Lighthouse Thinking Community which will be open to eager agilists pretty soon, just go pop over to lighthousethinking.io to register your interest.

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