An Agile Business

As an experienced IT leader, I’ve become concerned that agile practices are not evolving at the pace which businesses need, especially right now.

In fact, I still meet Leaders who are focused (mostly unwittingly) on growing their hierarchies, even though silos are known to be inefficient and allowing bureaucratic processes to grow unchecked. Hence their teams are not happy and they are not delivering work of value.

Then we also still see consultancies implementing non-contextual agile frameworks and publishing material aimed at leaders that team members will never see implemented.

At the Flow Academy, we developed the Transformation Sprint as a straight-forward tool to help an organisation to remodel its business (i.e. to transform!) but we also use it to extend agile ways of working for everyone, at all levels in a company.

Our focus on collective intelligence, social interaction, collaboration and visualisation helps people to “be” agile.

So, in my opinion, we need to move on and quickly adopt these flow philosophy principles.

And as a CIO/CTO with over 25 years of leadership experience, I can tell you that the Transformation Sprint is the way to get there.

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