How To Take Agile To The Next Level

Many organizations have turned to agile as the answer to their digital transformation needs. But, in fact, they're panicking about the onslaught of startups and the potential disruptors to their business models. The war for talent has exacerbated their fears, and now large corporations are hastily installing pool tables, funky furniture, and free food. They've missed the point. Digital … Continue reading How To Take Agile To The Next Level


12 Steps to Flow – Starting a Movement

  My provocative and sometimes controversial position regarding the “death of agile” hasn’t resulted in me being castigated by the agile community. Far from it. Indeed, it’s clear to me that nearly everyone can identify with “being agile, not doing agile” and the need to return to the origins of the agile manifesto. Complex frameworks, … Continue reading 12 Steps to Flow – Starting a Movement

12 Steps to Flow

My blogging has suffered over the last few weeks but for good reason, because we have been completing the final edits to our second book! Such has been the success of our first book, we were inspired to spend numerous evenings and weekends penning something that will provide even more information about Flow. The working … Continue reading 12 Steps to Flow