Press Release – I’m all in!

xxxxx  Press Release  xxxxx The Flow Academy Aviva International CIO To Join Dublin Business Agility Startup Aviva’s International CIO, Fin Goulding is leaving the company to join the startup he helped found a year ago. Going from a Senior Executive managing large scale technology teams to a startup is the challenge Goulding has set himself … Continue reading Press Release – I’m all in!


CIO Playbook: Managing Agile Change With ‘Flow’ – The CXO Podcast Hosted By Industry Analyst, Michael Krigsman In this Podcast, I talk with Industry Analyst and host of the CXO Podcast Michael Krigsman about the modern CIO mandate including maintaining operational stability while driving change through innovation and Flow.    

A Flow Conversation With Richard Atherton of First Human – Podcast

In this Podcast we talk about: Taking Agile out of technology teams and into the wider business The genesis of the book Flow whilst working at the major European bookmaker Paddy Power Having my suit "surgically removed" when moving from banking to tech culture The hardcore economic benefits of visualising work Why physical architecture matters … Continue reading A Flow Conversation With Richard Atherton of First Human – Podcast