12 Steps to Flow

My blogging has suffered over the last few weeks but for good reason, because we have been completing the final edits to our second book! Such has been the success of our first book, we were inspired to spend numerous evenings and weekends penning something that will provide even more information about Flow. The working … Continue reading 12 Steps to Flow


The Minimalist Framework For Agile

One aspect of Flow Agile which I haven't expanded too much on is Flow teams and how they work. After presenting at a Leadership Forum last week, my mind is buzzing with the potential of new ways of working and the realisation that a lot of teams face many blockers. Blockers being those elements of behaviour that … Continue reading The Minimalist Framework For Agile

How To Get Business Leaders Working With Agile, Flow Agile!

If you can get business leaders bought into using agile methods you will soon have an agile business. However, one of the missing ingredients in business agility actually lies at the top, in the Executive suite. How do you change that? We make the point in our book FLOW that leaders have to lead change. Sounds simple put like … Continue reading How To Get Business Leaders Working With Agile, Flow Agile!