Fin Goulding, CIO and Marathon Runner

Even though my blog is called "A Maraton Running CIO", I've never written about my marathon running! Well, this article first appeared on the OTIA website ( recently and so I've republished it here: My name is Fin Goulding and I am the International CIO at Aviva. I am responsible for the technical teams across … Continue reading Fin Goulding, CIO and Marathon Runner


CIO Playbook: Managing Agile Change With ‘Flow’ – The CXO Podcast Hosted By Industry Analyst, Michael Krigsman In this Podcast, I talk with Industry Analyst and host of the CXO Podcast Michael Krigsman about the modern CIO mandate including maintaining operational stability while driving change through innovation and Flow.    

12 Steps to Flow

My blogging has suffered over the last few weeks but for good reason, because we have been completing the final edits to our second book! Such has been the success of our first book, we were inspired to spend numerous evenings and weekends penning something that will provide even more information about Flow. The working … Continue reading 12 Steps to Flow