How To Get Business Leaders Working With Agile, Flow Agile!

If you can get business leaders bought into using agile methods you will soon have an agile business. However, one of the missing ingredients in business agility actually lies at the top, in the Executive suite. How do you change that? We make the point in our book FLOW that leaders have to lead change. Sounds simple put like … Continue reading How To Get Business Leaders Working With Agile, Flow Agile!

Pushing beyond Lean and Agile

In my last post I introduced two issues that I believe are extremely important to companies that want to stay in the competition for customers. The first is that new business techniques like microservices and DevOps really enable a different pace of innovation and hence a new way to think about giving customers more of … Continue reading Pushing beyond Lean and Agile

Pushing the Limits of Agile

Before I explore the main topic of this article, I want to pose a question to you: What is Digital Transformation? Let's admit it, we don't really know. The fact is that even though this is the question uppermost in the minds of the CEO and the C-Suite, no one is brave enough to say … Continue reading Pushing the Limits of Agile