The Agile Risk Manager

Conventional Risk Frameworks Are Not Attuned To The “Hidden Risks Of Transformation” By Haydn Shaughnessy and Fin Goulding Can there be such a thing as an agile risk management function? The question is deeply important because competitive conditions are forcing more and more companies into agile and digital transformations. Risk management could have a key enabling … Continue reading The Agile Risk Manager

Announcing Our Next Flow Workshop

We are really pleased to announce our next 1-day workshop, Creating Value With Flow: The Customer In the Agile Enterprise which will be held in Dublin on April 23rd in conjunction with Agile Lean Ireland. As agile migrates from software delivery to the whole organisation, what are the most important lessons and tools we can learn from … Continue reading Announcing Our Next Flow Workshop

Flow with Cloud is the Swiss army knife of modern-day Computing

Flow is about making things as frictionless as possible, taking the path of least resistance and prioritising value. The speed of software development or product delivery is based on the sum of the parts and, back in the day, the final mile of deployment into production created more challenges than one would prefer. That’s why … Continue reading Flow with Cloud is the Swiss army knife of modern-day Computing