The Modern Leadership Challenge

There are leadership challenges in growing a business - as many millennials now know! But there are stranger and perhaps tougher leadership challenges in changing a business. In technical roles the issue of leading for growth is becoming a well covered topic. I am more interested in a different very modern leadership challenge. First, as … Continue reading The Modern Leadership Challenge


Flow vs Agile: The Battle for a Consistent Innovation Method

Most organisations have gone some way now towards implementing agile development techniques. It’s likely as well that they will be using lean in other areas of innovation. The idea that innovation can and should be done as cheaply as possible has taken hold in business as we all seek to innovate more and faster for … Continue reading Flow vs Agile: The Battle for a Consistent Innovation Method

All Change Please!

I’ve not had a chance to blog recently because I’ve just changed roles to become the CIO of Aviva Ireland and I'm loving it. I actually decided to re-join financial services, after a 10 year hiatus, in order to get embroiled in FinTech and the rise of InsurTech so that I can help a very … Continue reading All Change Please!