How To Take Agile To The Next Level

Many organizations have turned to agile as the answer to their digital transformation needs. But, in fact, they're panicking about the onslaught of startups and the potential disruptors to their business models. The war for talent has exacerbated their fears, and now large corporations are hastily installing pool tables, funky furniture, and free food. They've missed the point. Digital … Continue reading How To Take Agile To The Next Level


Pushing beyond Lean and Agile

In my last post I introduced two issues that I believe are extremely important to companies that want to stay in the competition for customers. The first is that new business techniques like microservices and DevOps really enable a different pace of innovation and hence a new way to think about giving customers more of … Continue reading Pushing beyond Lean and Agile

Flow: The “New” Agile Wild West or Common Sense Ideas?

One of my recent articles on Flow received some constructive criticism online from Academics quarters, which, is perfectly fine but it was also branded as a “fad” and I couldn’t be more delighted!! The reason being is that throughout my IT career, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time explaining new ways of working to … Continue reading Flow: The “New” Agile Wild West or Common Sense Ideas?