Continuous Engineering – PasS & Cloud Powering Agility

I’m really happy with the Continuous Deployment journey within our Company.  We’ve come a long way since establishing an application pipeline to production with all the associated automation - even including the automatic creation of a change request! As we have moved from from Continuous Integration through Continuous Delivery to Continuous Deployment, I thought that … Continue reading Continuous Engineering – PasS & Cloud Powering Agility

Never mind the……Bimodal IT

I'm not a fan of Gartner's Bimodal IT definition. There, I said it. I'm taking a contra view from the big research behemoth. If you're not familiar with the research, then you can find it by following this link. In a nutshell "Mode 1" focusses on Traditional IT whereby stability and performance are of primary … Continue reading Never mind the……Bimodal IT